At Tax Support our aim is to simplify the process of filing taxes and managing finances for your household. We hope the resources below are helpful to you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions or needs you might have. 

IRS Payments
If you have a balance due you can make a full or partial payment or you can apply for a payment arrangement.
Note: Penalties and interest will continue to grow until you pay the full balance.
You can apply for a payment arrangement by filing out form 9465 and mailing it to
Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 47421
Stop 74
Doraville, GA 3036
Once the IRS receives your request it takes about 3-4 weeks to receive a letter and another 3-4 weeks to receive a confirmation of the payment arrangement with your first payment due date.
The fastest and easiest way to pay is via bank account no registration is required and there are no additional fees.

Direct pay here 
Pago Directo aqui 
Pay by Debit or Credit Card here (processing fees apply)
Pague sus impuestos con tarjeta de débito o crédito aqui
You can also mail in a money order or check. We highly recommend that you use a personal check that way your bank can have access to cancelling in case it gets lost. Personal checks also provide with proof once the check has cleared through your statement.
Mail your payments to
Internal Revenue Service Center
Austin, TX 73301 
Account Records
We keep copies of your tax return in office for up to 3 years and do our best to email you copies so that you can retrieve them from anywhere at anytime. If you are needing copies we ask that you search your email for the year you are needing followed by “Income Tax” such as “2021 Income Tax”
If you are needing an Income tax transcript for loan purposes or for previous year you can order, view, print or download copies of tax records and transcripts.
You can also find out how much you owe, verify your payment history, get your prior year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) to e-file or see other tax information.
Request your transcript online for the fastest result.

Log in here with your existing IRS username or account.

Request a transcript by mail here

Identity Protection

An Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) is a six-digit number that prevents someone else from filing a tax return using your Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. The IP PIN is known only to you and the IRS. It helps us verify your identity when you file your electronic or paper tax return. Even though you may not have a filing requirement, an IP PIN still protects your account.

New IP PINs are assigned each year and mail with a CP01A Notice.

If you don’t already have an IP PIN, you may get an IP PIN as a proactive step to protect yourself from tax-related identity theft. It does require that you pass a rigorous identity verification process. Spouses and dependents are eligible for an IP PIN if they too can pass the identity verification process.

Apply for a pin here

If we assigned you an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) and you lost it or you didn’t receive our CP01A Notice with your new IP PIN, you’ll need to retrieve it or have it reissued to e-file your return.

Retrieve your pin here

Identity Verification

Due to the increasing of tax-related identity theft problem, the IRS is monitoring tax returns for signs of fraudulent activity. If the IRS suspects a return is fraudulent, the agency will request identity verification from the person whose name and address is listed on the return by sending one of the following letters: 5071C letter, 5747C letter, 5447C letter, or 6331C letter.

These letters notify you that the agency received a tax return with your name and Social Security number and it believes it may not be yours. The letter asks you to take specific steps to verify your identity and confirm whether or not the return is actually yours.

 You can verify your identity online here
If you can’t verify your identity online or don’t have the required documentation, please contact us using the toll-free number listed on your letter or 1-800-830-5084

To expedite the process when calling, you must have:
1-Your 5071C letter, 5747C letter, 5447C letter, or 6331C letter
2-Copies of your 1040 tax return for the year shown on the letter
3-Any other prior year tax return, if you filed one
4-Any supporting W-2s, 1099s, Schedule C, Schedule F, etc.

If we can’t verify your identity over the phone, we may ask you to schedule an appointment at your local IRS office to verify your identity in person by calling 844-545-5640
1100 Commerce St.
Rm. 121
Dallas, TX 75242

Available Monday-Friday (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)

Do you have other questions or concerns?
You can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040

The lines are often busy making it very hard to get through. Our recommendation is that you call 15-20 minutes back to back to increase your chances of getting through. The IRS has a limited amount of phone lines so the goal is to call at the exact time a call is ended so that your call may get in through that line and unfortunately there is no other way around that.